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Comcast 2015: "The Past is Present"

In the fascinating short documentary The Past is Present, teachers and students share their experience going to Poland to learn from testimony and commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.


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Days of Remembrance: Judith Goldstein

Days of Remembrance: Judith Goldstein

Language: English

Judith Goldstein recalls music that was composed in the ghetto. She attended a music conservatory and remembers an older student composing a song. She then performs the Yiddish song on the guitar. She has translated one verse into English.


After the war ended Judith Goldstein attended Offenbach Conservatory of Music where she met other Holocaust survivors. Judith recalls a piece composed by a fellow student based on his experience in the ghetto. Judith performs the Yiddish song on the guitar.

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Meet Judith Goldstein

From her childhood in Vilna, Poland, to her adult life in the United States, the arts have rarely been very far from Judith Goldstein.